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I was a passenger in a car that was rear ended as part of a three car accident in Warwick, RI. I badly injured my knee in the accident which prevented me from working for an extended time. Pollock Law treated me right. The office was friendly and courteous and they cared for my needs. The case was successfully handled and I was thrilled with the outcome. I received much more compensation than a friend who was in a worse accident than I was, and used a different law firm. I especially liked that they were very responsive. I recommend them to family and friends.

Robert Morrison – Warwick, RI

I sustained a severe back injury, Pollock Law referred me to a great doctor who did cutting edge surgery on my disc and I was able to fully recover and get back to work. The firm explained to me how they would recover for me all of my medical bills and lost wages, and with their efforts I had a great result. I have the highest respect for Rick.

Paul Sullivan – Rhode Island

While driving a woman changed lanes without looking and ran me off the road and into a wall. My back was injured and my car had significant damage. I knew Rick from the Softball League so I went to him. I was treated like family and a real person, not just a case number. I did not know the law so I had a lot of questions which were always answered with dignity and professionalism. Rick also made sure my car was repaired with all new parts. I was not aware that often cars are repaired with used parts by the insurance company. I have told a family member and two friends to use them and have heard good things back.

Rick – Cranston, RI

Richard did work for my husband and me on a personal injury case and they were awesome. I could not ask for a better law firm. They treated me like a human being not just a legal case. If I had any problem and called them up they called right back. They went above and beyond. They should have offices all over the state it would make a better RI.

Nancy – Rhode Island

I found out about the Pollock Law Group and Richard Pollock from my brother. I am very glad he recommended them to us. My son was hit by a car while walking home from school and was badly injured and he still has a large scar on his back. I was very, very pleased with how they handled the case. We had never been through anything like this and they were very thorough in explaining everything including the deposition and what would happen in the courtroom. They never rushed us and were a calming influence in a stressful situation. I don't know what we would have done without them. The way they handled the case took some of the burden off of me because they took care of all the details, like providing a note for the school so my son was not listed as absent on the days he could not attend because of the case. Richard and his sister Kim are very nice people and I am happy that I got to work with them and that they fought hard for us to get a great outcome.

Mother of Joey G., Rhode Island

A wonderful experience. Things went very smoothly. They kept me up to date and stayed in contact with me. I would recommend them to anyone who has a car accident of personal injury case in RI.

P.C., Rhode Island

A pickup truck pulled out directly in front of me and there was nothing I could do because he was so close. Fortunately, there was an eye witness that saw the whole thing and the law office got his statement. My back was severely injured and I had neuropathy in one foot. I received a large settlement from the insurance company. Rick could not do enough for me. He answered all of my questions. He put the time and energy into the case to handle any issue that came up and he worked hard to be sure I was treated fairly by the insurance company. I don't think the insurance company was interested in doing what was best for me. Rick's sister Kim also provided excellent representation. I would highly recommend anyone with a car accident case to call them.

David M. – Rhode Island

They took care of me as soon as I came in, because my back was hurting. They handled everything which was a relief because at the beginning when the accident first happened I thought I would have to do everything myself. I was telling a friend this and he said I should call a personal injury lawyer and he recommended Pollock Law. I called to see if they could help me. I am glad I called!

I also had an open cut on my hand. I did not know that I needed surgery, but I did. The surgeon needed to sew up the cut and put a cast on my hand to keep the bone in place.

Rick made sure I got the proper medical attention. Sending me to right doctors to be sure I got the best care and could fully recover. They were just really nice people, Rick, Kerrin and Kim. I stopped there quite a few times and always felt welcomed and they always answered my questions and did not rush me. The insurance company paid for all the surgery, I received settlement for the injury and for my lost income that I was very happy with.

Josh Bourgault – Rhode Island

Rick Pollock knows what he is talking about! He did a good job and was very accommodating. He dealt directly with my insurance company so I did not get the run around.

What happened was that I was driving my husband to the hospital for surgery when I was in a car accident. When I met with him he had everything set up for me and prepared so I did not have to be in the office for very long because I needed to get back to the hospital to be with my husband. I have recommended my cousin to this personal injury lawyer and she was also very happy with how her case was handled.

Mary Navarro – Rhode Island